Garage Door Header Size Calculator

Garage Door Header Size Calculator

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So, what is Garage Door Header Size Calculator?

Most residential Garage Door Header Size Calculator attach to the vertical jambs of the door so any wind loading will hidden by the header but by the jambs which is picked up by the king studs at the sides of the door. However this header is non-existent or relatively short, assuming that the pony wall above. What I am wondering is what about a garage door of biaxial loading might become more significant at the gable end of a building where the possibility. A properly built structure should have some form of lateral bracing about every 10 ft o/c for trusses but I have seen a lot of construction out there that seems to neglect this important detail. As such the wind loads (C&C) on the gable end will be felt by the Garage Door Header Size Calculator and sizing of the header may be affected by this increased biaxial loading situation D + (.6W) or D + 0.75(0.6W) + 0.75(S).

Another possible loading configuration is when the double top plate is missing and the beam serves as a collector. In this case we have axial and bending loading, however this situation would not seem to be as common.

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